About the Director of Immigration

About Mr. Clarence Russell

Mr. Clarence Russell

The Director of Immigration, Mr. Clarence Russell, entered the Public Service on the 14th of August, 1978 as a Constable of Police and steadily climbed the ranks to Superintendent of Police by July, 2004.

Throughout his extensive career as a Police Officer, Director Russell has undertaken multiple senior leadership roles such as Operational Commander, Administrative Commander and Commander/Graduate of The Bramshill Police Training College in Hampshire, England. Furthermore, Director Russell has operated as an avid criminal Prosecutor, a Debate Champion, Financial Controller (Force Pay & Quartermaster) and was a founding Member of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Co-Operative Credit Union.

On May 5th, 2009 at the behest of the Bahamas government, Director Russell joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Immigration where he served on secondment for (6) six years as Deputy Chief Passport Officer in charge of the Northern Region; bringing total reform to that Office. On May 5th, 2015, he ascended to the Office of Chief Passport Officer of The Bahamas, where the nation’s newest world recognized Polycarbonate, Biometric E-Passports were launched on the 17th of January, 2017 under his command.

Subsequently, on January 1st, 2018, under the current Free National Movement Administration, Director Russell was seconded as Acting Director of Immigration with effect from the 1st of January, 2018 to the 13th of August, 2018. On the 14th of August, 2018 he officially assumed the Office of Director of Immigration where he continues to serve at present.

Director Russell is a proud husband, father of (5) five and grandfather of (4) four. He is an avid reader, self-defense advocate, and church soloist – who enjoys target shooting as a hobby. Subsequently, he is an adamant Roman Catholic whose watch words are, “To whom much is given, much is required”. He is a faithful Sir Knight with the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Order Chapter 10647; his Catholic Order. Director Russell holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Distinction in Management and a Postgraduate Certificate in Criminal Justice and Police Management from Leicester University, Leicester England.

Overall, Director Clarence Russell is a well-respected firm but fair leader of inclusion whose mantra is, “GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY, and JOB”.