Financial Services

Having spent over 80 years providing a diversified selection of innovative Financial Services products to local and international clients, The Bahamas’ Financial Services sector stands out as a global leader with the legal and financial expertise to provide the highest level of service.

The Bahamas Advantage

The Bahamas is a stable, robust, well regulated financial and business centre. These competitive advantages, together with our common law tradition, an attractive tax and cost structure, and an investor-friendly business climate, have catapulted The Bahamas to its household name status in international business and capital development.

One of our major inherent advantages as a jurisdiction is our strategic location, just off the coast of the United States America. We are endowed with a prime and accessible location that makes The Bahamas a natural hub for regional and international trade. However, location alone isn’t everything.

Our Government is committed to leveraging our geographical strengths by investing in improving the ease of doing business to ensure that international and Bahamian investors alike have the necessary facilities to conduct business smoothly and efficiently.

Additionally, our Government looks to support the trade agenda with industries, such as our Financial Services industry, to ensure that the required services are present to do business effectively.